Artificial Sweeteners may also be causing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases

There are artificial sweeteners which are available all across the world however there has been no conclusive arguments on whether these are harmful or not. Also, the sweeteners which are usually said to be non-nutritive may be synthetic like aspartame or saccharin or stevia plant derived and other similar natural sources. Till date, there have been six kinds of artificial sweeteners and two kinds of natural sweeteners approved from the authorities in the United States.

This has been good news for the people who strive hard for curbing the consumption of sugar. Aspartame is now found in over 6,000 foods all across the world and there is a lot of quantity which is consumed each year in the United States itself.

The Diabetes Association in America has recommended diet soda as a major alternative to the beverages which are sweetened by sugar. Till date, there are seven such municipalities which have imposed a tax on the sugar beverages for the discouragement of the consumption of such drinks.

There are recent studies though which have suggested that the policymakers who have been eager to implement the tax might also include the diet beverages too as they might be making a contribution to the cardiovascular and diabetic diseases as well.

The important thing with the calorie-free sweeteners is that they do not get broken into sugars which are used to make energy or convert to fat.

These artificial sweeteners have been a lot of different by-products and aren’t getting converted to calories. These sweeteners usually get into the bloodstream and are then directly excreted through urine and do not undergo the metabolic process which yield sugar.

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