Sony’s PS4 Becomes The Second Best-Selling Device Of All Time

Sony’s PS4 has become the 2nd best-selling device of all time, overtaking the initial PlayStation, which traded 102.5 Million devices. Sony claimed that it traded 2.8 Million devices this quarter (comprising the PS4 Pro), over the 100-million milestone it achieved the previous quarter. That is down significantly (1.1 Million units) as compared to the previous year, but it was sufficient to push it to 102.8 Million, just more than the original PS. It is not likely to catch the PS2, on the other hand, which traded 155 Million units.

The drop in figures makes it pretty obvious that the PS4 is approaching towards the end of its life. Not only are device sales down, but gaming profit and revenue dropped all together by 35% and 17%, respectively, as compared to 2018. Sony hopes this year’s PS4 sales to be less than its initial prediction by 1.5 million units.

Holiday sales may also not perform well versus 2018, considering that Sony has declared that the PS5 is will launch for the holiday season of next year. Gift-providers may rather opt for more PS4 titles, as they will be well-matched with the new device. The forthcoming PS4 games will comprise The Last of Us 2, Death Stranding, and Shenmue III.

On a related note, at their initial list cost of $180, the sporty true wireless noise-canceling WF-SP700N by Sony earbuds were already a pretty offer. Now, Amazon has an even better deal. The device in black is on sale for an $80 off with just $99.95.

The device is meant to be employed during a workout or at the gym. In addition to this, the device has an IXP4 rating making them sweatproof. They also provide an ambient sound mode and active noise cancellation, which permits in some background noise. Sony states that it is the first to mix true wireless with active noise cancellation.

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