SpaceX Announces Development On Private Crew Parachute Testing

SpaceX Announces Development On Private Crew Parachute Testing

In the recent time, SpaceX reported it had conducted 13 consecutive successful trials of a novel parachute design for its Crew Dragon spaceship following overcoming preliminary problems with it. In a tweet, the aerospace giant posted a video of the new test of the “Mark 3” parachutes it is advancing in association with Airborne Systems. The new test “revealed the parachute system’s capability to carry the spaceship safely in the doubtful event that one of the four chief parachutes fails.” A SpaceX representative said that the test took place on October 31, 2019. It was the very first time that the firm tested three Mark 3 parachutes at the same time, with the earlier 12 thriving tests each involving a single parachute.

The company publicized in the last month that it was functioning on the latest Mark 3 parachute design, planned to offer higher margins of security than the previous Mark 2 design. During an event in the last month at the company’s California headquarters with Jim Bridenstine (NASA Administrator), Elon Musk (Founder and Chief Executive of SpaceX) said, “We believe the Mark 2 parachutes are secure, but the Mark 3 parachutes are probably 10 times safer. In my opinion, the Mark 3 parachutes are the most excellent parachutes ever.”

Recently, SpaceX was in the news as the company is planning to liftoff an additional 30,000 Starlink global internet satellites. The company in recent time has filed the paperwork to launch 30,000 novel satellites in the space. The formal paperwork was filed with the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) and it is anticipated to be fulfilled soon. SpaceX already has the consent to launch 12,000 new satellites and they have appealed the paperwork for additional 30,000 satellites. The company is intending to launch a huge amount of satellites to make sure that its network can fulfill the upcoming demand.

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