RCS-Based Chat Experience Expanded By Google Messages

Messages application developed by Google has extended Rich Communication Services (RCS) to India as well as other worldwide markets. The app comes preloaded on several Android devices. Earlier, the experience was restricted to a few carrier operators. Nevertheless, the Messages app’s new bet variant makes it available to everyone—regardless of which telecom network one might be using. The application with RCS backing retorts to the likes of Telegram and WhatsApp by allowing users to talk with their contacts and send & receive GIFs, pictures, stickers, emoji, audio messages, and videos. Also, the RCS protocol incorporated within the Messages app permits one to receive and send messages over mobile data or Wi-Fi—contrasting conventional SMS messages that need cellular network connectivity.

Back in April, Google stopped its expenditures in Allo, a messaging app, to reallocate all its concentration toward RCS that it was anticipating to be a substitute for the old SMS system. In Feb, the firm declared its collaboration with firms such as Samsung, Vodafone, and Huawei to make RCS accessible to 24 countries. Nevertheless, few Reddit users have mentioned a workaround that gets RCS backing to the worldwide markets. To get RCS backing to the Google Messages app accessible on one’s Android handset, they require installing its beta variant 5.2.051.

On a similar note, this isn’t the first time Google has enhanced its Messages experience. The previous inclusion was a dark theme to the application in v5.0, which accords with the system mode within Android 10; however, a recent variant got a more significant feature: Now one can add reminders for conversations. In Messages 5.2, when one taps and holds on a conversation, they will spot a new reminder icon on the action title bar’s right. One can seek to be reminded in 1 H, the next night, noon, or morning, or select a particular time and date.

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