World Economic Forum reacts on criticism for leaving an environmental footprint

World Economic Forum has been preparing the performance of a difficult activity which is the proclamation of their growing concerns related to the climate even with the scores of luxury vehicles and private planes are present for attending to the ones who are attending the event in the annual meeting which takes place at Davos.

In a world where flights are shared and the awareness of public increasing over the changes taking place in the climate, the organizers of the event next week have been ratcheting the efforts up for the reduction of the impact on the impact of this conference on the environment which is going to draw the important politicians and CEOs of the world to Swiss Alps for the discussions, parties and the closed -door meetings. The teenage activist on climate change, Greta Thunberg will be attending it for the second straight year after she had criticized the guests in 2019 at an event.

WEF has been touting the promises to buy the carbon credits which offset flights, a conference center which is redesigned and a menu which has been packed with the food that is locally sourced. Fleet of vehicles which is going to shuttle the vehicles all around the town will be electric or hybrid mostly.

This is due to the pressures which have been mounting on this organization that has been facing criticism for the carbon footprint which the summit has. For a few of the figures who are planning to attend this event like Larry Fink who is the CEO of BlackRock, this fight against the climate change is an utmost priority considering the impact it will have on the financial policies.

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