Tesla Inc. stocks seeing a surge past $500 mark

Tesla Inc. stocks seeing a surge past $500 mark

The stocks of Tesla Inc. have seen a surge on Monday past the $500 mark in their latest series of good results that have led the shares to a level of outperform at the stock markets by tenfold in the past quarter.

The rally on Monday had been fueled by the analysts who raised the target price on Tesla by close to 60% to a point of $612 from the level of $385 on the disrupter characteristics of the company. The shares of Tesla have seen a 103% gain in the last quarter. The trading of the stocks was at a level of $505.37 on this Monday and had been poised for surpassing their closing record of $492.14 which it had reached this Wednesday before the rally had paused for a couple of days due to a few downgrades.

The analysts have said that they believe that the major advantages in the battery technology, powertrain design, size of fleet, energy independence and the enthusiasm of the consumers which usually can translate into the operating leverage as well as disruptions of market as the trends in autonomy and renewables gain acceleration.

The analysts are expected to continue the share volatility while they raise their earnings multiple for the reflection of the higher levels of AI characteristics which yield the target of 612.

Other analysts last week had raised their price targets in the wake of the fourth quarter deliveries being a lot better than the expectations. The proxy for sales is highlighting the popularity of Model 3 and the ongoing growth in revenue of Model X and Model S through the sales which have also seen an increase.


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