USDA’s tradeconflict aid may not be enough say the farmers

The USDA which is the department of agriculture in the United States has recently given approval to an amount of $28 billion of the market facilitation payments that are being made to the farmers in America in order to offset the affects of the trade war between China and United States with close to $19 billion being paid till the end of the year 2019 and the balance amount arriving this year.

A rancher has recently said though that after everything that has been going on with trade, he doesn’t think that it is going to continue in future and further most of the farmers have the opinion that this was not worth it either. They feel that the numbers look huge in the macro perspective however they were not good enough for helping people.

As a whole, as per the analysis which had been conducted by NPR, there were close to 100,000 individuals who had made a collection of close to 70% of these payments till the month of July in the year 2019. These payments had been based on reportedly on the production so the farmers are going to be getting a bit more money.

The farmer said that they had been getting some aid for their farm however it had not been enough for helping in either of the years. The amount as per him was very small for the amount of wheat which had been produced and the cost of productions of producing their crops is a lot.

There have been reports of likely overstatement of the calculations of USDA of the impact of the war financially on the farm products and for a few other commodities the impact may be understated.

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