Zhong critical of Chinese government and their dealing of the coronavirus.

The renowned pulmonologist from China, Zhong Nanshan has on Tuesday said that the coronavirus epidemic is going to reach its peak by the time this month ends and is eventually going to die out in the month of April.

While he was giving an interview recently, the 83 year old who is an advisor to the government of China and had jump to fame in the year 2003 when he had managed to combat the SARS epidemic, shared his opinion on the current outbreak of the virus. He is still optimistic about the infections and that they will be descending soon in spite of the country already having over 44,000 cases.

Zhong has said that this outbreak’s peak is going to come in the later days of February on the basis of the mathematical models of the virulence of the outbreak and the measures which are being taken by the government. He made a confession that the virus has proven to be a lot more contagious than the expectations of the medical experts however there is a gradual reduction in the numbers of the viral infection in a lot of the areas of this country.

Upon being asked about the response of the government for this outbreak, Zhong has said that the government did not do a good job of containing this virus and must be taking a lot of the responsibility for the death of a large part of the population. On this past Thursday, the whistleblower of the disease had passed away and he said that the Zhong was upset about the passing away and had encouraged many doctors in China for stepping forward and being truthful.

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