Uttar Pradesh state in India sees dramatic rise in Unemployment numbers

In India’s most populous state, the number of people who are unemployed and educated young people, has seen a growth by over 12.5 lakh people in the previous two years to a level of 34 lakh. The state named Uttar Pradesh has been led by chief minister Yogi Aditynath who spoke about the statistics in his state assembly on 14th of February.

In an answer written at state assembly, the minister of labor for the Uttar Pradesh State, Swami Prasad Maurya has said that that there were 33.93 lakh people who had been registered on 7th of February with the online portal of labor department. Number of people who were unemployed and educated in Uttar Pradesh had been at a level of 21.39 lakh on the 30th of June in 2018. This means that there has been a growth of 58.43 % in the number of people who are unemployed in this state in the previous two years.

The reasons behind the massive increase have not been revealed by the labor minister of the state.

As per the census which took place in 2011, Uttar Pradesh had been the most populated state with close to 20 crore people living in the country and this at that time was more than 16% of the population of the country.

There has been a rise in the average rate of unemployment continuously in the last year against the jump of 5.91% in the year 2018. The rate of unemployment of 10% refers to 10 out of 100 people not having jobs. The issue has become a major talking point for the critics of the Yogi Adityanath government recently.

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