Wisconsin Health Department confirms four people being monitored for coronavirus

The Health Department of Wisconsin has made a confirmation that there are four other people who are being monitored for the disease of coronavirus in this state.

On Thursday it had been announced that till afternoon, there’s only been one case confirmed in the region of Wisconsin, which has been the 12th nationwide case. This viral outbreak has passed the infection on to over 28,200 people all over the world and has caused over 560 deaths in the country of China.

The Public Health Department has been planning to the contact anyone who had been on the plane with the patient and had sat in the same row as the patient, in addition with anyone who has been sitting near them. This includes everyone who had been sitting in two rows in front and similar at the back.

The health officials have defined close proximity as anyone who was within six feet of this person. The health officials further said that they have been working on a vaccine for the coronavirus however it isn’t in all likelihood going to be available till the next year and they are going to undergo the clinical trials in the next few months

The epidemiologist of the State, Tom Haupt has said that the patients in Wisconsin has contracted this Virus in China while they had been on a vacation to celebrate the New Year of China. The patient though is making very good recovery as per the epidemiologist.

The officials have made an emphasis that the ethnicity and race are not the factors which determine but the travel history of a person and how close they had been to someone who had this virus.

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