Uncertainty around coronavirus values over data

There is a level of uncertainty when it comes to the coronavirus and it is expected to further carry on the impact which it is happening on the markets over the earnings and consumer inflation levels as well as any other factual data in the week ahead.

The chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell as testified on Wednesday in the appearance it had before congress that the investors have been watching and seeing if Powell has been willing for moving away from the stand which has been taken on the rates of interest to be neutral.

Trading was volatile last week as the stocks had been higher in a sharp manner on four out of the five days with the investors seeing that the progression of this virus was not as bad as had been anticipated. However on Friday, as the doctor who had discovered the disease died, and the restrictions that had been added in the manufacturing hub of Shenzen gained headlines. The fears had been renewed in the investors. There were 31,000 people who had been reported as being infected and most of them were in China itself.

The stocks had been lower by a significant manner even though there was data which came out and showed that the jobs data had been a lot stronger than the expectations. There were 225,000 jobs added in the market which was a lot more than the forecast of there being 158,000 jobs which are going to be added in the market by the economists.

The economists feel that coronavirus has been overpowering the data and it is further going to be a factor in the next week.

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