Influenza going strong still in United States

The outbreak of Influenza is going strong still in the United States and there is no expectation of it slowing down for a lot more weeks as per the CDC. What is complicating matters is the vaccine of this season is just a match of 58% for the strain known as B/Victoria that is hitting the children extremely hard. The experts say that it isn’t an exact match though it is not match that is awful either but it isn’t the best match

This virus is the predominant virus across the nation followed by the virus known as the H1N1 virus and the viruses generally vary by the region as well as from one age group to another.

The CDC has explained in their report that the major indicators which track the activity of flu have stayed high however the indicators which are tracking severity aren’t that high during this point of the season.

Though the outpatient visits levels for the illness which is like influenza have stayed elevated and the rates of hospitalization and the death percentages which result from influenza and pneumonia have been remaining low relatively.

This as per them is because of the dominant viruses being a lot likelier to affect the children and the younger adult population than the ones who are elderly. Because a major portion of the hospitalization and the deaths have occurred among the people who are of 65 years age and above, with a lot fewer illnesses in this group, there is an estimation of the impact of the flu-related deaths and hospitalizations being lower as per the CDC.

The visits have fallen from 7% to a level of 5.8% in this week.

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