Drinking tea leads to a longer and healthier life

The drinking of tea a minimum of thrice a week has been linked to a healthier and longer life as per a recent study.

Dr Xinyan Wag who is the first author of this study has said that the consumption of tea habitually is associated with the health effects being favorable and are a lot more robust for green tea and those who are habitual of drinking tea for a longer term.

This analysis has included over 100,000 participants who had no history of any heart attacks, or cancer or stroke. The Participants had been split into two groups. One was the tea drinkers who were habitual and the other were those who were non habitual drinkers of tea and had followed up for a time of 7.3 years.

The ones who were consuming tea habitually were associated with the healthy years of living and more years of living.

In comparison to those who were not habitual drinkers of tea, the ones who had the habit of consuming tea had a risk which was lower by 20% of stroke and the incident heart diseases and 22% less risk of the fatal heart diseases as well as fatal stroke and there was 15% reduction in risk of overall causes that lead to death.

The influence of changes potentially in the behavior of tea drinking had been analyzed in the subset of as many as 14,091 participants at two points in time. The duration on an average between these two surveys had been 8.2 years and the follow-up post the second survey had been 5.3.

The effects had been a lot more pronounced in the people who were drinking tea habitually.

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