Starbucks adds vegan drinks for the customers who consume dairy free products

There have been new lineups in Starbucks which has added two drinks that are dairy-free and have been added to the menu in a fancy section. Starbucks has been already replacing dairy in a drink with the almond, coconut and soy milk for a nominal charge. But the ability to purchase a drink that is naturally vegan is a major thing for the people who do not consume dairy products. This would mean that they can have their product and calorie preferences at the same level as the consumers of normal milk. It would mean that there are no requests for soy milk which are made specifically and no feeling of inconvenience or multiple checks that there has been no mixing of dairy products mistakenly or out of a certain habit. The dairy-free products have been becoming very common and Starbucks has been quick to jump on to the bandwagon and provide a product which their customers want.

It has however been observed by those who are experts on this issue that the taste of only one of them is good. The drink is known as hot Almondmilk Honey Flat White and is prepared by adding a honey flavored syrup at the cup’s bottom and then given few shots of the espresso which is blonde roast. The almond milk is then steamed however unlike it is in a latte, this flat white leads a lot of the light and made through a delicate foam which is poured in the cup before serving it to the customers. Time is going to be a real test whether this is going to be a good addition to their menu.

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