Excessive sleep may lead to risk of stroke being higher

All across the face of the earth, there are 15 million people who every year experience a stroke and there are 6 million people who die due to the result of the stroke and of those who are able to survive 5 million are forced to then live with disability.

In the United States more than 795,000 people every year have a stroke as per reports.

Traditionally, the risk factors list for a stroke is very long and ranges from the kind of lifestyle one lives which includes smoking to the conditions that preexist like diabetes.

Most recently, the researchers have begun the exploration of sleep duration as one more risk factor potentially. A few of the studies have found out that either too little or too much sleep can end up increasing the risks of events that are cardiovascular such as stroke.

As per these findings, the regular deprivation of sleep and sleeping for over 7 hours in a night are both related to the risk of stroke being higher.

There is a new study which has also found the association which exists between napping in the daytime and sleeping excessively and the risk of stroke.

The risk of stroke is higher by 85% in the people who sleep or nap for longer.

The researchers had collected the information in China from around 31,750 people and among them there were no participants who had been over 62 years of age and had a history of any serious condition of health or stroke when the study had begun.

The group was followed for close to 6 years and there were questions asked regarding their sleeping pattern.

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