Body weight while being born linked to infertility.

The Baby boys who are born small for their gestational age has a bigger chance of infertility as adults than the ones who are born at a usual weight suggest a research.

Close to one in every seven heterosexual couples in the United Kingdom feel infertile meaning one year or more of trying to have a baby without being able to conceive say the figures.

The focus while is always there on the reproductive health of a woman, the fertility problems of men are a problem that have equal proportions with both of them accounting for one third of the known causes of conceiving difficulties. The remaining of them is due to unclear causes.

The experts have now said that they have found that men have a risk of infertility that is higher if they are born with the weight that is the lowest 10% for the time they had spent in their mother’s womb.

The co-author of this research from the Arhus University has said that the results have shown that sometimes they must look at the very early years of the life for finding the explanations related to the health problems which are happening later in the life.

The birth weights and the gestational age had been received from the records at birth while the registries of the nation had been used for exploring whether the individuals had infertility or had sought the treatment of infertility until the end of the year 2017. A little more than 10 % of both women and men had been born small in relation to their gestational age. There were no links revealed with baby girls’ weight and infertility though.

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