YouTube Alters Rules On Violent Content In Game To Match TV And Movies

YouTube is making a noteworthy alteration in how it will filter content that displays violence in video game. Beginning this week, the firm claims it will treat “simulated or scripted” violence in games the same manner that it uses with violence in movies and TV shows.

As per the firm, the alteration means less gaming videos on the video platform will be age-restricted, permitting more users to see them. YouTube does, on the other hand, note that it aims to carry on limiting content where the only aim of the clip is on the violent material itself.

“We know there is a difference between simulated or scripted violence (such as what you view in TV shows, movies, or video games) and real-world violence. So we need to make certain we are enforcing our graphic or violent content policies constantly,” the firm claimed by way of clarification for the policy alteration on one of its pages.

YouTube clued that it was operating on a new rule on video game policy late previous month when Susan Wojcicki (the CEO of the firm) claimed that the firm was making an effort to find firms who might be ready to tout in opposition to more “edgy” material. In that approach, it is worth noting that the firm has not altered its rules on advertiser-friendly material. Videos that display gratuitous amounts of aggression will still go hugely unmonetized.

On a related note, streamers on Mixer and Twitch have numerous ways to make money, comprising bits/embers, subscriptions, and donations. YouTube has monetization alternatives as well, such as Super Chat (paid comments tagged to the chat’s top) or paid subscriptions. One of the newest is animated stickers that users can purchase to show their support for developers.

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