Women who use hair dye are at a greater risk of breast cancer.

Women who are used to dying their hair by applying permanent hair dye might well be at an increased level of risk of breast cancer. The risk may be more by close to 60% as per the research by scientists in the International Journal of Cancer.

A study that is based on over 45,000 women’s medical records have found a correlation between breast cancer and permanent hair dye. The correlation is more evident in the women who are black.

Although this paper has the basis of trends and patterns and doesn’t as such go on to confirm it as a direct cause, it definitely adds to the research which suggests that there is something carcinogenic which is lurking in the beauty products that are used very commonly.

The experts have said that these results are not very surprising because most of the oncologists have been worried about the chemicals which are used usually in the hair dyes and straighteners and the possibility of them being potentially cancer causing.

Considering them in a group, the women who are used to dying their hair frequently have been said to be increasing the risk of them developing the fatal illness breast cancer by as much as 9%. The risk is higher for black women and goes up to a staggering number at 45%.

The number goes up even further to a massive 60% among the black women who are engaged in the usage of hair dye heavily. Using it heavily would mean using it once in every five or eight weeks. As compared, white women have a percentage of 7-8 percent when they use it heavily.

This increased even further, to 60 percent, among black women who heavily used hair dye, defined in this case as once (or more) every five to eight weeks. The associated risk for white women, in contrast, was 7 percent for regular use and 8 percent for heavy usage of hair dye.

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