Tesla Is Being Questioned Over Its Cars Bursting Into Flames

Tesla is the hot soup over the recent issue of many of its cars bursting into flames. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has found the company to be placing defective batteries that are causing the cars to erupt into flames. Majorly, the Tesla Sedans and SUVs are found to be spontaneously burst into flames. The high-profile electric vehicle manufacturer is currently being questioned over its safety concerns. Some have even lost their lives in such cases while many are injured.

Thus, the safety agency has made it a point to have Tesla lawyer answer the questions by providing appropriate battery software updates from 2012 to 2019 in the Model S and X vehicles. The other documents like consumer complaints and the reports of the car fires are also expected to be handed over to the NHTSA. The safety concerns seem to be urgently addressed as there are chances of many more such cases coming up. Earlier, Tesla had been accused of selling defective solar panels to Walmart that resulted in fires on the store roofs. The defect petition has been handed over by Tesla to the federal agency and thus, the agency plans to thoroughly analyze the relevant data. Tesla has been given time until November 28, 2019, to fulfill all of NHTSA’s request or else be ready to pay a fine of $111.6 Million.

In just a similar context, Tesla has recently added some new features of its Autopilot that can help the self-driving cars locate the traffic cones along with the other vehicles or objects on the road. Earlier, the Autopilot was programmed to only look for other vehicles on the road but now it has been advanced to look for pylons on the road so to reduce the chances of accidents. The use of Navigate option on Autopilot can help drivers change the lanes depending on the obstacle. However, the carmaker still advises all its drivers to pay attention on the roads despite the vehicle being automated.

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