Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook boss urges for tighter regulation

According to the foundation of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, it is for the governments and the corresponding authorities to decide on the rules which would ban all types of harmful content. Whatever laws are made by the authorities it would have to be strictly followed by all the social media companies.

He also stated that the authorities would have to deal with the matter very seriously as excessive lying down of the rules would snatch the freedom of the common to express their opinions or post videos or share any type of information with others which are the sole intention of these social media platforms.

While speaking at the Munich Security Conference in Germany he told that companies in the social media domain are facing increasing pressure from the government authorities to completely stop the spread of misinformation and harmful content that can cause civilian unrest or the use of abusive language to cause harm to any religion or person intentionally.

Initially, the matter came up in 2018 and Facebook had made some new laws on the posting political ads. It allowed only those political institutions to post ads on Facebook who had paid them and kept a copy of the ad on its public database for the next seven years. This ruled was launched globally the following year.

But now Facebook has come up with another twist stating that it would not allow any sponsored political posts by the social media stars because they always do not state the correct information.

This is not in accordance with the company’s free speech policy.

 The CEO of Facebook also told that governments have to come up with a mix of laws for both the telecom and social media companies to regulate the spread of misinformation around the world. It is not in the hands of the companies to frame these laws.

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