Trumps policies helping black unemployment rate

Many experts feel that Donald Trump does deserve the credit for lowering the unemployment rates when it comes to the black labor. Though the rate has been lower than what it was during the late 1990s, there has been an improvement which has taken place under Donald Trump and though in the month of December, the rate saw a rise upwards slowly to a level of 5.9%, it ended up being 5.4% during august and was significantly lower than the rate which was 7.5% which it was during the beginning of the term in the year 2017.

The rate has been falling since the September of 2011 though and therefore some of the analysts have said that Trump does not deserve much credit for this and it is the policies of President Obama which are responsible mostly for the improvement in the unemployment rates but a lot of them feel that Trump has not made things worse too.

There are many experts who disagree with this notion though. The administration of Obama and their recovery from the Great Recession had been very slow as it was hampered by the government control and over regulation when it comes to the allocation of capital and Obama had left his office with an economy that was weaker than was expected.

Though it must be noted that the rate of unemployment has continuously fallen even with the economy growing stronger and the economic slack has fallen but the unemployment rate has not reached a plateau with Trump at the helm as the economy looks to be strong.

Analysts feel it has a lot to do with Trump’s policies and specially the tax cuts as they have helped the people.

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