Theories regarding the formation of rings around Saturn

For an eternity, it was thought that Saturn was the only planet in the Solar System to have rings. The rings which are around Saturn had been discovered by Galileo Galilei who was an astronomer and this was done close to 400 years in the past. He had used a telescope which was very simple and had been constructed by him only from the lenses and pointed at the planets in the sky during the night.

Among the first objects that he was looking out happened to be Saturn. At the very beginning, he had though that Saturn actually had two moons which were very large at either of its side as the telescope wasn’t exactly the best and the visions offered by it were extremely blurry.

After that, the astronomers who have been studying this universe and everything in the universe such as planets have been using many better and bigger telescopes for finding the rings around all of the planets which have an outer gas like Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune. The planets not like the other planets in the universe are made up of gas mostly.

There is no surety of the formation of rings but there are a few theories which have been doing the rounds.

A few of the particles of dust and gas which the planet has been made up of had been way away from the planets core and was not possible to squash them together through gravity and this made them remain behind to form the rings says one theory and the other says that they were formed by the moons of the planet of Saturn.

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