United States threatens tariffs on European Union

The President of United States on this Wednesday has threatened for imposing the high level of tariffs on the import of the cars from Europe if this bloc is not agreeing to the trade deal.

Trump has made threats previously to place the duties on the automobile imports from Europe, with intent of them receiving better terms in the trade relationship of Europe and United States. Trump has then delayed the imposition of the tariffs for a number of times.

Trump has said in the World Economic Forum in Switzerland that he has met with the head of European Commission who he found terrific but he claims to have said that if he did not get anything, he is going to take the action which he feels is appropriate on the cars and some more things which are coming into the country.

The former Defense Minister of Germany, Ursula had succeeded Juncker when the year 2019 ended as the top official of European Union, which was for the first time a woman has held the post.

Germany’s ambassador in United States has said at an event that the European Union is economically as strong as the U.S. and is going to respond to any of the additional tariffs in the United States in similar dimensions.

Philippe Etienne, French Ambassador has told the same event that European Union has hoped for the negotiation a settlement with the Washington, where it warned the tariffs which were tit-for-tat and are going to hurt both of the economies.

He said that it is not going to be in their both interest for having an escalation of the tariffs.

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