Zhang Jiachen said blockchain promotes the data sharing

The CEO of Guangzhishu Technology, Zhang Jiachen has said that the biggest use case of the technology of blockchain promoted by government is the data sharing. She said so on World Economic Forum’s sidelines. She said that the firm is working with a lot of the agencies of the government agencies.

The representatives of a few nations are going to be watching the central bank of China’s experiment with digital currency with a lot of anticipation. A few of them have described the dozens of experiments being undertaken in the year 2020 as being inevitable. On these lines the Forum had published a tool kit on Wednesday for helping the projects in case they choose. The Bank of Thailand has been making a good amount of progress on the CBDC project which is known as the Project Inthanon as per the global standards in case they choose said their governor VeerathaiSantiprabhob in a statement to the press adding that their experience makes them identify the tradeoffs between the benefits from the use cases and the risks which exist across the dimensions. Jiachen in turn has said that the technologies from China have been drawing their inspiration from the project known as Libra which had been initiated by Facebook although she declined to say anything later about the initiatives and the types of the initiatives as well as their inspiration.

Most of the experts present there are in agreement with the technology being used for the collection of data and not finance for self-sovereign.

 The experts feel that it is something that is important for the emerging economies for avoiding the embezzlement and digital reporting

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