Younger People at a higher risk of Flu in United States.

The current season of Influenza has brought in a new kind of virus to the region of Iowa and that has not been prominent in the last three decades and has lead some of the health officials of the state to believe that ones who have not had this virus earlier are going to be at a risk which is higher.

The rise of this particular strain of the flu has occurred all over the country. The officials of public health nationally have sent out a word of caution that the Americans who are young are going to be a lot more susceptible to falling ill and has been encouraging more and more individuals to explore the flu vaccine.

The Department of Public Health in Iowa has reported in the week that influenza B particularly from the Victorian lineage ahs been a predominant virus which has been detected at the laboratory in Iowa. The Influenza B viruses haven’t been seen as a predominant virus for flu in the Untied States in the last 27 years after the season of 1992-93 as per the record of the CDC.

The people who are in their 20s or those who are younger than that might not have yet been exposed to this kind of virus and they may not have an immune response to be able to fight this virus as per the experts in the Department.

They feel that in case the body has not fought this virus earlier, the susceptibility is a lot more and that is the point of getting a vaccine so that the body sees this virus and the immune system knows how it is to be fought.

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