Takata now recalling 10 million more air bag inflators

Takata is now going to recall 10 million more of the front air bag inflators which had been sold to 14 separate automakers as they have been found to be prone to bursting in case there is too much force being applied.

This recall is going to be the last one for the company which is bankrupt and had in 2015 agreed with the safety regulators in United States for a settlement. This could bring the largest recall series in the field of automotive in the history of United States.

The inflators for the part of close to 70 million of these inflators which had been recalled in the United States for complying with the part of the agreement which it had made with the administration.

The automakers are going to determine the models which have been affected and the are going to launch their own separate recalls. Mazda, Honda, Fiat Chrysler and Ford have made their announcements already.

These recalled inflators had been used for the replacing of the ones which were dangerous and had been made by Takata until and unless there is a development of a permanent solution. Takata had used the ammonium nitrate for a creation of a small explosion for the inflating of the air bags.

The chemical has the property of in some cases deteriorating over time if it is exposed to high levels of heat and also humidity and they might also burn very fast blowing a metal canister apart and hurling a shrapnel.

There have been 25 people who have been killed all over the world in addition to the injuries to 100s which have been caused due to the inflators manufactured by Takata.

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