What does business want from Boris Johnson?

Boris Johnson has promised that his newly elected government would unleash the power of the British business after it has completed his primary objective of getting Brexit done.

But for those corporates and business houses that have lobbied against the Brexit, the pledge could mean getting distant from its trading partners in the UK. Experts suggest that the new trade deals further verify the fact that it is unlikely to compensate for the economic impacts of the Brexit deal.

And adding to that is the fact that if the deal is completed it would mean a change in the immigration rules in the UK that might affect how the firms and the major companies recruit people.

It remains to be seen whether the Brexit can also manage the needs of the business.

With Boris Johnson’s conservative party now having a majority, there is very little doubt that Mr. Johnson will be able to get his Withdrawal Bill passed from the Parliament which would pave the way for the UK to leave the European Union.

Deputy Director-General of the CBI says that it’s been more than three years that the UK has been trying to get this issue resolved and move out of the EU.   Now that the party has got a clear majority it gives a bit more certainty that the move can be completed.

It is being said that the UK can leave the EU before its completion of the trade deal if the trade deal is not completed and materializes by next year.

The national chairman of the Federation of Small Business said that if the Brexit deal is completed it would give an opportunity for the British firms to expand their business worldwide in countries like the US, Canada, and Australia. But the relationship of the UK with the EU should also be given priority.

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