Malaysia to vaccinate the overseas travelers to stop spread of diseases

Malaysia is going to vaccinate those who visit the country from abroad as they attempt to stop the proliferation of the diseases that are infectious as per the reports which site Hisham Abdullah, the Minister of Health

The health ministry is look forward to seeking cooperation from UNICEF for getting the supplies of vaccines at subsidized rates and further looking to work with Philippines in securing the treatments that are less expensive. Noor Hisham has said that close to 20-30% of the visitors particularly the ones who visit Borneo island of Sarawak and Sabah, enter this country without being screened and this raises the concerns about their status of vaccination as per the reports.

Last week, Malaysia had confirmed their very first case of polio in nearly three decades as the fears were sparked that the disease is going to spread across this region. A test by the WHO has found that this virus which was detected in a boy who was three months old in the region of Sabah has its links to another virus which was found in Philippines.

The country has now begun a journey to get on an immunization drive for the prevention of the virus spreading anymore and the ministry has issued the notice to encourage the parents for the inoculation of their children. The ministry has further plans of giving more vaccines to the children who are less than five year of age in Sabah as per Noor Hisham.

The medicine academy in Malaysia has said that the vaccinations must be made mandatory and that sanctions must be imposed for the non-compliance that is unreasonable, as per the reports.

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