Using Vascepa named drug recommended for heart disease treatment

The advisors of Government have suggested that people are using fish oil’s prescription version for fighting of health problems.

Presently, Vascepa named drug has been approved for usage in a group of patients that are very narrow. It’s given to the people who have triglycerides in very high levels. These are fats in our body which are linked to their heart diseases.

The maker of the drug Amarin wants the Administration of Food and Drug to approve Vascepa for the problems which are linked to the health of the heart. The doctors for example may prescribe this drug for the patients who have fat levels which are lower but are still at the risk of having heart problems or the ones who take medicines for high level of cholesterol.

A group of these advisers to the FDA have all agreed to support this expansion on the basis of results of a recent study.The study has shown that drugs can reduce the life-threatening diseases in the patients who are at higher risk.Experts have said that there is no doubt about the benefits of the drug to many people.

The drug though has certain side effects though. They include bleeding inside body and uneven heartbeat. However the members have agreed that the results which are beneficial are outweighing those side-effects when the patient is under doctor care.

FDA is not bound to be following the advice of their group. The agency has been expected to make this decision by the year end.A member of the group has urged that labelling of the drug should be targeting the patients who are in need of it.

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