Apple airpods see surge of demand and could face holiday shortage Wedbush says

The rising demand for the Apple headphones could see a shortage for the customers during this holiday season Wedbush analyst Dan Ives says.

Ives has estimated that the total number of airpods shipped by Apple could be around 65 million in 2019 and could potentially reach a figure of 85 to 90 million units in 2020. The airpods is seen as the latest successful product in Apple’s kitty after revolutionizing the world with its iPhone in the last decade which was introduced to the world by the legendary entrepreneur Steve Jobs.

In fact, Apple’s recent good performance in Wall Street could be one of the indications that the company is making a good profit by selling airpods. Experts also say that the last quarter’s financial results were also backed due to the high sales volume of its latest earpiece technology.

Apple does not breakdown the sales of its headphones rather it reports them together in a category called the ‘wearables’. The wearables category saw a 54% growth in the last quarter.

Ives said that Apple’s airpods is clearly the blockbuster product heading into the black Friday sales and the holiday season yet to come. Such was the demand of its airpods that Apple showed on its website that the airpods booked on Wednesday would reach the customers after Christmas. It has been reported that Apple asked its airpods manufacturers to double their production to 2 million units per month.

Demand for some of the older models of its airpods may increase on the back of holiday season discounts as well. It is expected that the prices will be cut further on the back of the Black Friday sales by some of the retailers and the e-commerce giants including Amazon. The price value of Apple shares rose to 1.3% on $267.84.

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