PG&E warning customers of power shutoff on Thursday and Friday.

Pacific Gas and Electric has been warning close to 180,000 of their customers in the area of Northern California of a power shutoff which is possibly going to happen on the days Wednesday and Thursday due to the warm temperatures, gusty winds and lower humidity which can create extreme weather conditions particularly in the North Valley, North Bay Hills and Sierra Foothills.

The forecast of PG&E have said that the temperatures are warmer than what they usually are for month of November. The temperatures in a few areas are going to be rising towards 70s and 80s which is above normal by 10-20 degrees for the month of November.

It is also going to be windy and the gusts of winds being 50 miles per hour being forecast for the Northern Sierra foothills, Sacramento Valley and the North Bay hills. The winds are expected to dye off after Thursday night.

Steve Anderson who is a meteorologist has said that the offshore winds in the early week are going to dry the vegetation off creating the opportunity of fire conditions later during the week.

Anderson has said that they have seen some offshore flow which is going to dry the conditions and is going to make the area a prime candidate for the fire weather watch. They are going to monitor the situation continuously and see if there are any fire weather warnings which are required to be issued, though none have been done till now.

The warnings are going to be applicable to the PG&E customers who are in the geographical zones of zone 2, 3, 4 and also zone 5. All these parts are going to be susceptible to fire.

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