Vizio To Update SmartCast TVs To Stream Disney+ Using Chromecast

Vizio is pledging Android consumers that they will be capable of beaming Disney+ to their SmartCast televisions by the end of 2019. Presently, iOS consumers can cast the Disney+ app to the television with the help of AirPlay 2. But Android consumers were left behind. Now, Vizio claims it will launch out a Chromecast upgrade starting early December. That will permit Android consumers to cast the Disney+ application to their Vizio SmartCast televisions using the in-built Chromecast.

Vizio is operating to make the SmartCast televisions more appealing before the holidays. The upgrade will advantage iOS consumers too—iOS streaming applications normally operate with Chromecast too, so if you prefer it, you should be able to choose between that and AirPlay 2 when the update comes.

Vizio claims its capability of rolling out an OTA Chromecast upgrade shows that its TVs can last for more time. “We need users to know that when they buy a VIZIO TV, it will keep its value for coming years,” claimed Bill Baxter, Chief Technology Officer, to the media in an interview. However, Netflix lately declared plans to end support for Vizio smart televisions over 4 Years old.

On a related note, Netflix lately declared that its service might end operating on older Samsung smart TVs and earlier Roku players, with only a small error text claiming that “Netflix will no longer be supported on a small number of older devices due to technical limitations.” Now, the firm has provided more info about why it is removing the support for these machines next month.

Speaking to the media, a spokesperson of Netflix claimed that the problem was that these earlier devices operate on Windows Media DRM, a digital rights management platform that has since been restored by Microsoft PlayReady. Netflix has employed PlayReady from 2010, as it is simpler to get content from providers and movie studios in that format.

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