Stents and bypass surgery are no more effective than drugs for stable heart disease, highly anticipated trial results show

According to a federally funded study, researchers have found that some of the most common treatment procedures for the treatment of heart-related diseases are not the best methods for treatment. These include bypass surgery and the stents that are used to treat blocked arteries.

The best method of treating these coronary diseases is the use of medicines and improving lifestyle factors. This has been a longstanding controversy in the medical field for quite some time now. Researchers have found that the insertion of a tiny mesh tube-like structure whose function is to keep an artery open into the blocked arteries is not a better form of treatment. However, it can considerably reduce chest pain.

Overall the conclusion of the research clearly states that the insertion of stents and bypass surgery should be avoided as far as possible and the use of medicines and other natural methods and improvement of lifestyle factors can better the health of the patient suffering from the severe heart condition.

The cost of the research conducted was close to $100 million which was presented at the American Heart Association ahead of its publication in a medical journal. A similar study was conducted by researchers 12 years ago and it was found that the doctors are prescribing the bypass surgery and the insertion of stents too early to patients when they can be avoided. The use of medicines and better habits to improve lifestyle factors is a much better proposition.

But the doctors have since not abided by the research outcomes stating that the outcomes and conclusions are inconclusive and vague. The recent study was conducted with the use of advanced stents and the results were highly critical. More than 17.6 million Americans suffer from coronary heart diseases every year.

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