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Our Team

David Moran

With an experience of 5 years and holding the position of Editor-In-Chief, David Moran is among the best assets we have. Having a professional writing skill set, he deals with writing reports and articles linked to the business world. He holds the responsibility to write everything relating to mergers & acquisitions, agreements & deals, latest news, recent trends, and so on. Being a fitness and health freak, David indulges into a few sports activities in free time.

Email Id:- [email protected]

Phone No:- +1 815-864-1234

Debby Jones
Lead Editor

Debby Jones has been working with us for 5 years now and also heads the team. Having a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the health field, she takes the responsibility of writing reports and articles relating to health domain comprising numerous initiatives & health programs, official approvals, drug discoveries, new developments, and so on. Debby, in her spare time, participates in awareness drives to make the society comprehend the significance and value of health.

Email Id:- [email protected]

Phone No:- +1 815-349-9467

Thomas Cramer
Senior Content Writer

Keenly understanding the world of technology and the capability to play with words, Thomas Cramer holds the position of Senior Content Writer. He writes reports and news of the tech world comprising, but not limited to, launches, upcoming & latest events, updates, releases, and so on in a flabbergasting manner. Being a technology freak, Thomas also puts forth his opinions and reviews about the new devices, gadgets, and other technologies & their implementations. Trekking, hiking, and reading books are a few of the free-time activities of Thomas.

Email Id:- [email protected]

Phone No:- +1 815-685-9004

Sheryl Ford
Content Writer

Getting amazed by the mysteries of the Science world and the enthusiasm to know more about it, Sheryl Ford got into the world of writing. Having good writing skills has offered her the position of the Content Writer. She deals with writing everything relating to the Science world that comprises several updates, launches, research, liftoff schedules, and much more. Sheryl, in free time, makes videos elucidating the mysterious science stuff and goes around museums specifically dedicated to science work and presents her experience via a personal blog.

Email Id:- [email protected]

Phone No:- +1 815-142-5649

Editorial Staff Emails & Contact Information

David Moran:- [email protected] | +1 815-864-1234 

Debby Jones:- [email protected] | +1 815-349-9467 

Thomas Cramer:- [email protected] | +1 815-685-9004 

Sheryl Ford:- [email protected] |  +1 815-142-5649

General Email Addresses
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