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Texas, California Move To Legalize CBD To Put An End To Confusion

Lattes, gummy bears, dietary supplements and various other foods and beverages that are infused with CBD oil are being sold quickly in spite of the U.S. government’s warning about the products being illegal. Some retailers have been forced by the local authorities to stop selling the products. This confusion has led to the two biggest states of the nation, along with others, to move towards an attempt of legalizing the cannabis-based compound. This compound is viewed by many as helpful for their health.

California and Texas-based lawmakers have often been found to be in opposition. However, both are pushing for bipartisan legislation so as to overrule federal law, thereby allowing sale of this compound that can be found in marijuana and hemp. Democrats and Republicans in Congress have also been urging the Drug and Food Administration of the U.S. to revise its stance.

On Tuesday, there was an announcement from the FDA regarding a public hearing it plans to hold in May for gathering more information.

A quick resolution of this confusion would be beneficial for someone like for Jonathan Eppers. He makes Vybes which is a popular beverage that is infused with CBD oil.  Health inspectors in California raided his warehouse in Los Angeles in January, where they impounded a huge quantity of this drink, worth nearly $100,000.

According to Eppers, approximately 50 California-based retailers have gone on to drop his product since then and he’s had to move his production away to Texas. As per his estimates of legal costs, relocation expenses and lost sales, the incident has cost him near about $500,000.Eppers further said that this stagnant state is hurting all manufacturers like him. People like him as well as CBD supporters have been left confused by this legal insecurity. This is because marijuana-based edibles that lead to people getting high have been legalized broadly by California-based retailers as well as in nine different states, though federal law still rules pot as illegal.

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