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Threat From Fragment Indian Satellite Debris Non-Existent

Catalogue of US Air Force has published news regarding Indian satellite. The satellite named Microsat-R which is a military satellite has around 60 fragments flying around in the orbit. About 46 pieces are currently in the orbit above the apocentre of International Space Station. Catalogue of US Air Force has at the moment fragments of 57 Microsat-R flying around in orbits at altitudes ranging 159 kilometers to approximately 2248 kilometers. About 46 of those fragments are located above the apocentre of ISS.

Chief of Russian Institute for Space Policy, Ivan Moissev has commented on the incident directing Sputnik that all those fragments flying on the top of ISS are possible threats. No matter how insignificant threats they are, they are still dangerous. Moissev later added to his statement that, debris of Indian satellite is least possible threats because the inclination of ISS and the debris are very different. However, the same could not be said regarding debris of US because their inclination lies quite in the similar alignment as ISS, thereby, increasing chances of risk by multiple times. India, in this regard was quite careful in taking measures to reduce the risk.

India, on March 27, 2019 had been successful in trial of anti-missile weapon and the country destroyed Microsat-r, the debris of which is now flying in the lower Earth orbit. Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister had appreciated this attempt saying that this was a big achievement since the country is now capable of protecting her assets in space.

However, Administrator of NASA, Jim Bridenstine mentioned that they were unable to carry off the test successfully resulting in 400 pieces of fragments. Out of those fragments, there is 44% chance of debris to collide with ISS, which is of course a huge risk. Indian Defense Research and Development Organization had designed Microsat-R and launched in into the orbit above PSLV-carrier during January.

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