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Two Galaxies Captured By Hubble While Forming Super-Galaxy By Being Merged

The galaxies that are present in the outer space are not stationary; they in fact are on the move constantly and are always pulled by the gravity of some other galaxies present around. At the time of the approach of one galaxy towards a few other, the galaxies are pulled even closer towards each other until they finally collide in a process which has the potential to completely destroy one of the many galaxies, and the collision can also merge these galaxies together to form a giant super-galaxy, and this is what seems to be happening in one of the recent events.

The Hubble Space Telescope has recently captured the image of the collision of two galaxies which are in the distant NGC 6052 which is in the Hercules constellation. While there is a presence of a couple of galaxies in the NGC 6052, usually they are classified as a single galaxy because they always move as a pair. These galaxies were discovered for the first ever time by William Herschel in the year 1784, and thus they have been known for a long time. However, the fact that there are actually two galaxies was discovered recently after finding out that they were drawn towards each other mainly because of their mass.

The interesting thing to know here is that this is not the first time the image of these galaxies has been taken by the telescope. The galaxies were captured earlier by Hubble nearly three years back, in 2015. But this new image has been taken with the newer camera called the Wide Field Camera 3. This camera is much better than the previous one and it has updated CCDs and also has the potential to capture the images that have relatively higher resolution, thus resulting in better images.

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