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Portable Nuclear Reactor Flying Through The Air Is Nothing Less Than Scary

Currently, the U.S. Army has found itself in hot soup after putting forth its idea of handing powers to the military bases and outposts in the form of nuclear energy; however, the major problem is developing a nuclear reactor as it is a massive civil task. The current idea is nothing similar to the former Project Dilithium announced by the army last month. The project basically deals with exporting portable, small nuclear reactors through the air, water, or land to the other military bases that are in need of a cheap and reliable energy source for a consecutive 3 Years in a stretch. However, this concept is making the use of nuclear power a totally nervous to touch on.

According to experts, the project will prove successful from a technical point of view. In short, it can be said that a small nuclear reactor will potentially prove positive in case powering a military outpost. There is nothing usual about putting a reactor on to a plane in order to cause a disaster. It has been found the present technology and tools will not enable the army to use the plug-and-play power source with an ease that Project Dilithium believes to achieve. The idea of commencing a nuclear reactor in the warzone is not a good idea as it can prove quite dangerous in the long run. The engineers need to look for significant resources in order to safeguard the reactors as well as support the systems from the military attacks and these reactors will definitely turn into a burden rather than an asset.

The engineers have planned to use highly-enriched uranium in the portable reactors which would be shipped across the world in connection to Project Dilithium. The element is the same thing that is generally used in making nuclear weapons. A small reactor such as 1 megawatt-electric would also possess high amounts of radioactive elements like the longer life spanned cesium-137, which can element used as a destructive bomb far humungous compared to the medical radiation sources which can cause concerns as well. President Donald Trump’s decision of not admitting transgender troops in the US military will be reversed in the next new congress bill. Though the Supreme Court had supported Trump’s idea last year is currently forced to think twice and bring in the necessary changes restraining any bias based on gender in the army sector.

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